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Current as of November 24, 2014. All phones come with a 90 day warranty and your choice of a home or car charger.

Unlocked phones can be used for AT&T or T-Mobile, or traveling out of the country.

Phones for sale in the Medford Store
US Cellular
* Indicates a Smartphone requiring a data plan from the provider. Data plans vary, so check with your provider for costs.

iPhone 4S 8GB - $169*
Motorola Moto X - $219*
Motorola Moto X - $175*
iPad Mini 16GB - $299*

LG G2 - $250*
LG G2 - $250*
HTC One - $199*
HTC One - $275*
Samsung Galaxy Note 3 - $400*
LG G3 - $350*

Samsung Galaxy S3 - $169*



Mobile Madness Retail Store is located right off Exit 30 of I-5 in the Fred Meyer North Complex on Highway 62 in Medford, Oregon.