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Liquid damage is possibly the worst thing that could happen to a phone. You've dropped your cell phone in the sink, or even worse, the toilet! You forgot to check the pockets before running a load of laundry. You leaned over and the phone fell out of your pocket into a puddle. A buddy pushed you into a pool, or maybe you just jumped in and forgot you had you phone in your pocket. We've seen grape jelly and diesel fuel, mud and sticky soda pop. Many people insist they never got there phone wet. Believe it or not, condensation like on a rainy day, in a bathroom with the shower running, or talking on the phone in a hot tub can all cause liquid damage. All is very damaging, sometimes it's fatal.
As soon as a cell phone sustains any kind of liquid damage, corrosion starts to grow inside the phone. Click on image to right...

Corrosion is that white stuff that grows on wet electrical components (like a car battery terminal). Sometimes you'll get your phone wet and it appears to work just fine, only to start acting up in a week, maybe a month. That's because corrosion continues to grow, messing with the operation of you phone.
Ever wonder what a liquid damage phone looks like inside?
Disclaimer: At Mobile Madness our technicians take the moisture damaged phone down to the bare circuit board. They clean it throughly and remove as much rust and corrosion as possible. When reassembled, 85% of all phones work again. The remaining 15% have sustained some sort of damage to the main circuit board that cannot be repaired. Our fee for liquid damage cleanout is $35 -$50. Occassionally there may be a small additional charge to replace another part damaged by rust, but most times it is just the $35-$50 fee. Also, once in a while some phones are in worse condition after the cleanout.....once in a while. Not very often at all. However, as our technicians try everything possible to make your phone operational after this damage, and the fact that liquid damage is sometimes irreversible, Mobile Madness will not be held responsible if this is the case.
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